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Hello.  I’m Erica.  I am an anthropologist, mother, writer, and survivor. I love adventure and have proudly taken many detours in my life. I listened to elder residents at a retirement home tell stories of lives lived during The Great Depression and WWII as I served them daily coffee and meals. I explored the past and future with my clients as a tarot card reader. I learned to swing a 6 ft. wooden pole (my favorite weapon) above my head as a Kung Fu martial arts student. As an archaeologist, I spent 12 years traveling the globe; I lived in a tiny farming village in Senegal, cities in Peru, the mountains of Bolivia, and in the deserts of the American Southwest. I’m certainly not done exploring and this blog is my latest adventure.  I am interested in issues of motherhood and mental health, survivor advocacy, and all things that make us uniquely human.

My story is still being written.

My writing has been featured in Scary Mommy, The Mighty, and Say It Survivor. I have been a storyteller for the Lansing Storytellers Project.

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